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Influenced by Stateside living, Craig loved the idea of crafting an authentic, small batch hard seltzer - using natural ingredients to create a sugar-free and carb-free drink. Tom on the other hand was always mindful of what he was drinking from his "attempts" to maintain an active lifestyle. An idea was born out of lockdown to create a great tasting Hard Seltzer.


Using a friend's brewery (aptly named Friendship Adventure) in London we got to work creating our very first Hard Seltzer recipe. After a few weeks it led us to an exciting batch of trial brews, some which were great - some which would never see the light of day again.


After finding the unique flavour combinations that tick all the right boxes and lots of thumbs up from family and friends (even Tom’s mum, a tough cookie to impress) Cold Harbour Hard Seltzer was born!


Simply put - it's alcoholic sparkling water. A low-calorie, bubblier, more
refreshing take on a spritz! That is what Hard Seltzer is.

Refreshing and delicious: just sparkling water with all-natural flavourings. Cold Harbour’s Hard Seltzer range is full of fruity notes, and all 100% natural. It really is that simple. Enjoy chilled, no one wants to sip on a lukewarm boozy beverage.

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