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What is Hard Seltzer?

hard seltzer made in london

If you’ve not yet heard of hard seltzer, get ready to start hearing tonnes about this type of drink. With rising popularity over the years, it’s obvious that this drink has taken over globally with its interesting tastes and health benefits!

So, what actually is hard seltzer?

Hard seltzer, popular with many drink-lovers, is essentially seltzer water mixed with alcohol. Looking into it in more detail, it is a type of highball beverage containing alcohol, carbonated water, and often some popular fruit flavourings such as mango, lime, and cherry to give it that added buzz. This type of alcohol is commonly made from fermenting sugar cane, although malted barley, grain neutral spirits, and wine can be used too. In some brands, infusions of established spirits like gin and vodka are used, making it a good choice for anyone who loves trying different things! Whilst the calorie intake is fairly low, the percentage of alcohol is also low, at around 5% per drink.

How do you serve Hard Seltzer?

These types of drinks are supposed to be drank from the can straight or, alternatively, poured into a highball glass. Having them straight can make them very practical if you’re wanting to pack them for day trips. It’s not necessary to add a mixer. Served best cold, hard seltzers can be a great refreshment on a hot summer day, and they can be a healthier alternative to your regular gin and tonic or other summer drink!

Hard Seltzer History...

Whilst hard seltzer has grown into a popular drink, the first widely available example of this type of drink was Two Dogs, brewed in 1993 in Australia. It was considered to be the first alcoholic lemonade that had been brewed, and it set out the path for later products relating to it.

The demand for hard seltzer has increased over time due to the appeal it has given off – especially for health-conscious buyers who have been quick to notice the low-calorie content and low alcohol percentage. Often, these types of drinks don’t contain added sugar and sweeteners, making them even more appealing. Hard seltzer, one of the most popular brands being White Claw, is therefore expected to make billions in sales in America alone due to its rising success and consumer desire. Different hard seltzer brands have been launched outside of the US, in countries such as the UK, Australia, and Canada. The rise of this beverage could be a demonstration of the wider rise of popularity of non-alcoholic flavoured seltzers too.

Where can you buy Hard Seltzer?

Well... from our London based brewery... shop the collection here.

And, exciting new alcohol variations and blends are already expanding in shops across many different countries, allowing you to have an extended choice from spirit-based seltzers, cider-based seltzers, wine-based seltzers, and more! The flavour range is also increasing. At Cold Harbour Drinks you can choose from classic quintessentially British flavours like our Blackberry, Apple + Elderflower, but, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not opt for our more unique infusion of Blood Orange, Lemon + Rosemary?

Overall, hard seltzers are the exciting new trend paving their way onto the shelves of shops across the world. With their new, innovative flavours, it’s no wonder that their popularity is rapidly rising.

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