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Is Hard Seltzer Vegan?

vegan hard seltzer

Whether you’re testing out Veganuary or you're an experienced vegan wanting to carry on helping our environment, you might want to know what alcoholic beverages are vegan-friendly. It’s sometimes hard for vegans to find products suitable for them in all categories, and the same goes for alcoholic drinks. With hard seltzer becoming increasingly popular globally, some vegans may be intrigued.

Wait, so alcohol contains animal products?

Beer brewers and winemakers traditionally used isinglass, a type of collagen produced from fish swim bladders. The bladders help filter out yeast cells, however, they also determine the product as non-vegan, as well as from the use of other animal products like gelatine and bone marrow.

So, how does this affect what vegans can drink?

It may be surprising to realise how many types of alcohol aren’t vegan-friendly, using animal products in the filtration process. Manufacturers of such drinks don’t have to list animal products used in the production, so it’s often a little hard to know what drinks are vegan or not. Luckily, there are many vegan drinks out there, and we can expect more to come with the increasing popularity of the vegan movement.

How can you create vegan friendly alcohol?

There are some alcoholic beverages out there that do avoid animal products, with one of the most popular vegan fining agents used for beer being silicic acid. Silicic acid can be used as a clarifier, making it useful in the seltzer-making processes.

However, whilst silicic acid works quite well as a fining agent with some seltzers, it’s not as successful with other hard seltzer beverages. In seltzer, some of the cells used in the yeast strains are incredibly small – especially compared to regular beer brewing yeast cells. This makes many brewers turn to other clarifying agents such as one that is produced from shellfish shells. Whilst this might be acceptable for some vegetarians, this is strictly out of bounds for vegans. Therefore, vegans should be careful about which seltzers they consume as the production clarifying processes can vary.

Examples of this problem can be seen with many different hard seltzer brands, and it doesn't go unnoticed by most vegans. One example to look at is one of the most popular hard seltzers in the world: White Claw. This brand dominates the seltzer market, capturing the attention of consumers with its wide range of interesting varieties. If this wasn’t enough, White Claw has flavours that don’t use animal ingredients, being only a blend of carbonated water, refined sugar, alcohol, and natural flavouring. However, whilst this may seem vegan on the surface, the production process needs to be considered. Whilst beet sugar is made through a diffuser and blended with additives to crystallise, sugar cane is often produced in a non-vegan manner, using something called bone char – a property derived from animals.

Therefore, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to drinks being vegan or not. There are some hard seltzers out there which vegans can consume, however, they should be wary of the production processes and should do their research before consuming this type of drink.

And is Cold Harbour Hard Seltzer Vegan Friendly?

A resounding yes! 

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