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Is Hard Seltzer Gluten-Free?

Is hard seltzer gluten free

Many people are now on a gluten-free diet, making it all the more important for shops to stock products catered to everyone’s dietary requirements. With hard seltzer becoming the exciting, new product on-trend at the moment, read on to find out everything you need to know about consuming this product as someone who suffers from celiac disease.

Celiac disease, a condition in which your body is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to issues in digesting food, is quite a common condition globally. When people suffering from this disease consume gluten, their body’s immune system is triggered to attack its own tissues, causing problems such as diarrhoea, bloating, and serious stomach aches. When suffering from this disease, it’s best to consult your doctor about consuming certain types of alcohol, although you can easily do some research of your own too. Alcohol can be part of a celiac diet – you just have to choose the right types!

So, is hard seltzer actually safe for people with celiac disease to consume?

Some hard seltzers are labelled as 100% gluten-free, meaning that these types are certainly safe for people with celiac disease to drink. These hard seltzers involve a production process in which they are naturally fermented or contain distilled alcohol. You could risk going for ‘gluten-removed hard seltzer drinks, but if you don’t want to take this chance, the 100% gluten-free labelled drinks are always the best option. Make sure to check the label carefully before you buy these types of products to put your mind at rest.

After all, traces of gluten can be found in some of these alcoholic beverages because wheat gluten is often used as a fining agent in the production process. People with severe celiac disease may react badly in these cases, even if gluten isn’t a direct ingredient in the drink. However, celiac sufferers need not fear with many hard seltzers on the market being naturally gluten-free. As well as gluten-free, it’s often thought to be a healthy choice as well as refreshing on a hot day!

Commonly, manufacturers of this drink will use cane sugar in alcohol production rather than gluten. This sugar is removed further on in the process, giving this beverage a light, healthy touch, which is why many people are turning to it as their drink of choice. However, people need to be aware that some hard seltzers do in fact use gluten-containing grains, and whilst these grains are extracted during fermentation, the traces of gluten left behind will make the product something that celiac sufferers will definitely want to avoid.

Is Cold Harbour Hard Seltzer Gluten-Free?

Yes it is!

So, hopefully, this will have given you more of an idea of how consumable hard seltzers are as a product for people suffering from celiac disease or people just generally wanting to live a gluten-free life. The all-important production process can vary from brand to brand, so it’s vital to check the smaller details on the label of your drink to know if that particular hard seltzer is actually gluten-free or not.

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